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TFT Cheat Sheet (Patch – 10.8) Items & Champions

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Our post on Teamfight Tactics will let you guide for all TFT cheat sheet items and champions. With the help of these items and champions, you can make many possible combinations in TFT.

TFT Cheat Sheets

Given below cheat sheet are for the latest Set 3 TFT launch update Patch – 10.8

Item Cheat Sheet (Set 3)

Right-click on the image and open image in a new tap and tap zoom for better visualization.

Full Size Desktop Cheat Sheet Version

If you face any problem with the above given image then you can use this full-size image format.

How Do You Get Free Items in Teamfight Tactics?

There is no perfect way to get Items in TFT. You can get items only randomly when you fight or play against other player’s teams or creeps. During the fight, items drop randomly order.

However, there is an alternative by which you can get free items. One of the main alternatives to get items is during the carousel rounds. Now the question is, what is the carousel round? The carousel is a unique feature of the Teamfight Tactics game in which every player jumps into a portal and thrown into a room together.

After that, in this room random heroes are walking around a circle, each of them will have some items. While each player in the room will get a chance to choose a particular hero. Another feature of Teamfight Tactics is, you can sell items of any hero with your friend’s hero’s item.

Note: You’ll need more focused on the items rather than the heroes. Because items are very important things in this game, not heroes.

TFT Items List Patch (10.4)

Here is the list of all current items and all combinations you can make in TFT with full descriptions.

Sparring Gloves

+10% Dodge and critical chance

All Sparring Gloves Combinations

  • +B.F. Sword = Infinity Edge – Wearer gains with +100% Critical Strike Damage.
  • +Chain Vest = Iceborn Gauntlet – Will freezes the next basic target of the wearer’s for 1.5 seconds.
  • +Giant’s Belt = Trap Claw – The enemy stunned for 4 seconds when he breaks the shield.
  • +Negatron Cloak = Quicksilver – The wearer will ready to immune for crowd control.
  • +Needlessly Large Rod = Jeweled Gauntlet – The wearer’s spells can critically strike.
  • +Recurve Bow = the Last Whisper – Will reduces the target’s Armor by 90% for 3 seconds.
  • +Spatula = Berserker Axe – Wearer is also a Berserker.
  • +Sparring Gloves = Thief’s Gloves – This combination will increase the power for temporary items and will be based on your player level.
  • +Tear of the Goddess = Hand of Justice – Basic Attacks and heal 50 Health on-hit.

About Teamfight Tactics!

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is an auto battler game developed and published by Riot Games. The game takes place in the League of Legends universe, which based on Dota Auto Chess. Where players compete against seven other opponents online by building a team until the last one standing. This game was released as a League of Legends game mode in June 2019 for Microsoft-windows and after it was released on Android and iOS in March 2020. [source]

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