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Here in “Roblox Question Hub” you will find the best answer for all of your Roblox’s queries and problems. We take all questions directly from Google search queries and try to give best answer for these queries.

How to Hide The list of all citizens on the right side of the screen in Roblox rocitizens Game?


Answer: It is very annoying when we playing our favorite game and then some kind of text appear on the screen. Here we will talk about Roblox’s Rocitizen game and you can easily hide the list of all citizens on the right side of the screen. Just follows the given instructions…

  1. Firstly, click on the three-dot menu button on the right side of the screen
  2. Now click on the “Leader-board Tab” button as you have seen in the above picture.
  3. At last, you will be get rid from the list of all citizens in the Rococitizens game.

How To Recover Your Roblox account or Password? If Your Account Has been Hacked!

Answer: If you lost your Roblox account or password then you have no need to worry. What happens sometimes your Roblox account got hacked or even deleted by Roblox’s team due to some reason. Therefore, in this scenario, if your Roblox account has been deleted and even you doN’T know the password. Then in this situation just follows the instructions down below and you can recover your Roblox account and password.

How To Recover Your Roblox account or Password?
  1. open your Roblox Log-in page and find Forgot Password or Username?
  2. Now click on Forget password and username.
  3. Enter your previously used email address to reset your Roblox password or username. You can also use your phone number to reset username.
  4. After that, the Roblox team will send a reset link for your deleted account on your email address. Now you can easily reset your Roblox account or Password.

How to get your deleted roblox friends back?

Answer: You can get back your accidentally deleted friends in Roblox by sending back a new friend request.

But you need the name of your deleted Roblox friend so in this scenario, you can use your chat history or free items exchange history of your deleted friends. In this way you can get his/her name and send a friend request again.

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