Pokemon Go Promo Codes List April 2020 | Pokecord Commands

This post features a list of all the available and working Pokemon Go Promo Codes and other free items like Pokemon eggs-collection and other free accessories. Then you are in the right place, we’ve some active codes that will help you to get these items. We provide you currently only the up-to-date working codes list for April 2020.

However, these Promo codes are very useful to collect items such as Poke-Balls, Lure Modules, Lucky Eggs, Free Pokecoins. One of the fun parts of Pokemon Go is, you can customize your character very easily.

Working Pokemon Go Promo Code List

These Pokemon Go promo codes are very rare and often handed over only by the Niantic developer team. Only when you participate in any game event. They often give you handy items like Egg Incubators and make your character appealing again using customization.

Check out the working list Promo Codes below that might help you to get some rare items in the game. Therefore, redeem these codes and enjoy your reward…

  • HELPPOKEMON  – Apply the code and get free Poke Coins
  • 2P3N6WKW – Get Single Incubator
  • 6ZXTNRFY – Redeem this Promo code and collect 3 Egg – Incubators and Lucky Egg
  • 8E2OFJYC – Again use the code and get 3 Egg – Incubators and single Lucky Egg

Please let us know, if some of these codes did not work for you, then in that case, we will update them when a new code will available.

Pokecord Commands List OF 2020

This Pokecord Commands Guide will provide you all the active commands available for popular Pokemon Discord bot!

  • p!nickname > Provide a nickname to your selected Pokemon Character.
  • p!pokemon > Displays a list of your Pokemon. It will display a list of your Pokemon and information, for example, IVs, Nickname and Level, Number. And also displays a list of Pokemon you own with a particular name.
  • p!info latest > This will display the information about your latest Pokemon you have caught.
  • p!hint > It will show you a hint to the currently spawned Pokemon Go.
  • p!mega > This command is to evolve Pokemon to a Mega X or Y.
  • Note: You must have a Mega Evolution. If you haven’t just purchased them. They will cost you around 1,000 credits each.
  • p!select > Selects your most recently caught Pokemon.
  • p!info shiny > It will display a shiny version of a Pokemon with its base stats.
  • p!release > It will release your chosen Pokemon before this it will give you a confirmation prompt.
  • p!pokemon –shiny > Shows your shiny Pokemon with the name.
  • p!pokedex > It displays your Pokedex with a number of how many you own.
  • p!catch > Use this command to catch it a correct name when a wild Pokemon spawns.
  • p!dropitem > It will drop all the items your current Pokemon is currently holding.
  • p!info > Shows you currently Pokemon stats.

How To Redeem the Pokemon Go Promotional Code?

Pokémon GO occasionally offers these promotional codes through its partnerships program and special events to its users.

Step by Step how to redeem Pokemon Go promotional codes (Android User only)

  • The first step is to open the game and go to the map view and touch the Main menu button.
  • Now click on the Shop button.
  • At the bottom of the, there will be a text field, where you have to enter the promo code and last touch the redeem button.

Unfortunately, these promos codes are restricted to iOS users. That’s why Apple users can not redeem them.

At last, we hope our Pokemon GO Promo Codes list was helpful for you guys. However, if you need any assistance regarding Pokemon and its codes, then feel free to contact us.

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