Pokemon Go Friend Codes

Pokemon Go Friend Codes & Trainer Code List 2020

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This guide features a list of all the best and updated Pokemon Go Friend Codes for 2020. All codes are 100% Verified & in the working state. They allow you to trade Pokemon gifts between your friends and also get bonuses at raid battles. That’s the great part about these friends exchange codes.

Pokemon Go Friend Codes

However, in this article, we are going to share all information about pokemon go friend codes & how to make friends, and how to get bonuses for each friendship level?

100% Working Pokemon Go Friends and Trainer Codes List

Here is the list of all available and active pokemon go friend codes we have right now. Apply these codes and enjoy various gifts and rewards. All of these codes will work in Japan, Uk, United States, Australia, and Africa.

  1. 1813 7774 7981
  2. 2081 1503 3843
  3. 2178 8820 8732
  4. 2722 9204 4241
  5. 4025 5181 8120
  6. 5332 6606 6647
  7. 5458 7463 2691
  8. 5739 0395 8553
  9. 6176 9526 5871
  10. 6371 0858 9644
  11. 7502 5684 9522
  12. 7882 8675 2903
  13. 8587 9475 0973
  14. 8538 9504 1628
  15. 9276 9120 2900
  16. 9083 9190 3452

Note: You can add many friends and send them various gifts by using the above Pokemon Go trainer codes during the gameplay.

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What Are Pokemon Go Friends Code?

The great feature of Pokemon Go is that you can make many friends and exchange your gifts between them.

While these Friend Codes helps you to send or receive gifts between your friend’s circle. You can take participate in a game event where you can raise your Friendship Level, which unlocks many bonuses and gifts.

How To Become Someone friend In Pokemon GO?

To becoming a friend with someone in Pokemon Go just follow the instruction down below…

  • First of all, copy any above-given trainer code.
  • Now tap on the Avatar icon on the left side of the screen.
  • After that, tap “Friends” on the top-right menu and click on the “Add Friend” button and paste the trainer code.
  • Now, at last, click on the “Send” button to finish the code redemption process.

Pokemon Go Friendship Level & Bounces

Friendship LevelBonuses
Good Friend (♥)Rewards: 3,000 XP, 0 extra premier Balls, 3% Damage Buff, no Stardust Discount and ability to Trade and send/receive Gifts
Great Friend (♥♥)Rewards: 10,000 XP, 1 extra premier Balls, 5% Damage Buff, and 20% Stardust Discount
Ultra Friend (♥♥♥)Rewards: 50,000 XP, 2 extra premier Balls, 7% Damage Buff, and 92% Stardust Discount
Best Friend (♥♥♥♥)Rewards: 50,000 XP, 4 extra premier Balls, 7% Damage Buff, and 96% Stardust Discount

Note: We recommend you try to become a Best Friend always because they get top-level discounts and more benefits.

How To Increase The Friendship level In Pokemon Go?

You can increase the Friendship level by interacting with each of your PokemonGo friends. After that, you can either trade gifts, trade pokemon, or raid together with your friend to qualify as an “interaction”.

Note: It must be noted that only one such “interaction” is counted for each day.

There are four friendship levels and here are the number of days that you need to interact with a friend to reach them…

  1. Good Friends (♥) – 1 day of interaction.
  2. Great Friends (♥♥) – 7 days of interaction.
  3. Ultra Friends (♥♥♥) – 30 days of interaction.
  4. Best Friends (♥♥♥♥) – 90 days of interaction.

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